The right brand can speak to potential customers. It tells the right story and personifies a company’s voice and vision.


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Brands, Ideas,
Strategy and Monetization

We’re helping ambitious brands design, develop & deploy strategy


Business Solutions

Reinforce your business and deliver amazing outcome


Corporate Training

Train your team, master people, process and product for increased productivity



Our HR team helps you solve the numerous personnel management solutions.


Book Writing

Write the book of your dreams in a short while and get amazing results


Logo Design

Craft a bespoke brand identity for your business or organization with our skilled designers


Graphic Design

Create stunning graphics, marketing materials, brochures, magazines, letterhead, business cards etc


Digital Marketing

Give your products and services a digital push, up your digital strategy and gain digital relevance


Social Media

Meet your customers and potential clients where they are, connect with them with stunning overs and contents

We Can Help You Succeed

Discover tech tools and relevant digital technology for your business/ organization necessary to drive business growth.

Want to focus on what matters so that you could do more and achieve more? Why not outsource some minor tasks now

Create authentic perception that is tailored to who you truly are and project yourself to your audience to increase valuation.

Build bespoke tech protocol solutions to help you manage systems, processes and inventories at the speed of a click

We will help you develop authentic marketing strategies that is custom to your brand values, essence and goals.

Want to launch a new product or want to give already existing product a fast pace in market penetration? We will help you achieve your goals

Create amazing powerpoint presentations for your proposals, business and speaking presentations

Write your articles and blog posts with our professional writers

Need creative/Inspirational write ups for your projects, magazines, brochures, newspaper, pamphlets etc get it done now!

Design creative marketing materials for your business. Consistently project your brand with banners and creative communication materials.

Take your products/services beyond borders with eCommerce and app solutions

Need brand development/solutions for your business? Our experts are ready to help you get started

INNOV8 With creative Apps

Use mobile apps to drive repeat sales. Develop creative app solutions for your business need.


Graphic Design Packages

We help you set the right tone for your business.
We offer design packages to provide you with the perfect
solution to your design needs. Each package is designed
to meet you where you are today while preparing you for
where you want to take your business tomorrow
  • $ 150 EVERY MONTH
    • Personal
      • 6 Design
      • What’s Includes( Optional):
      • Either Flyers/Banners
      • Letterheads
      • Business Cards
      • Free Social Media Header
  • $ 250 EVERY MONTH
    • Basic Plan
      • 12 Design  Bundles
      • What’s Includes( Optional):
      • Either Flyers/Banners
      • Letterheads
      • Business Cards
      • Book Cover
      • PDF Design
      • Free Social Media Headers
  • $ 1.2K EVERY YEAR
    • Premium
    • $1200
      • 144 Design  Bundles
      • What’s Includes( Optional):
      • Either Flyers/Banners
      • Letterheads
      • Business Cards
      • Book Cover
      • PDF Design
      • Other Items of choice
      • Free Social Media Headers
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